Success Stories

Success Stories - happy families

Our success means happy families.

Parents and referring professionals routinely thank us for making this challenging transition from home to treatment such a manageable, safe, and therapeutic experience. That’s because our transport specialists:

  • Reduce Anxiety: We take the fear and mystery out of the experience for parents and their adolescent or young adult.
  • Accommodate: We work closely with parents, the receiving program, and referring professionals to ensure that travel arrangements and staff selection are ideal and special needs are accommodated.
  • Communicate: We are in constant contact with all involved parties throughout the process.
  • Manage Expenses: We work hard on our clients’ behalf to manage expenses and provide the quickest and safest transportation at the lowest cost

Believe it or not even the most resistant teens often thank and even hug our staff at the end of the transport experience! By the time they arrive at treatment, many have come to understand their need for treatment and are relieved that the process is finally underway.

If you are a parent or professional interested in our transportation services and would like to speak with a parent or referent, please let us know.

Happy Families and Professionals

The nature of our business is always kept private, but over the years we have worked with countless families and programs. Here are some kind words about Bill Lane & Associates we are proud to share with you.

From the moment you arrived at our house, your demeanor helped calm us—you told us exactly what was going to happen, what to say, what to do. You treated our son with kindness and respect. Once you showed up, we did not worry about his safety. We knew he was in good hands.

~ D.N.

What you do is a very important piece of a much larger puzzle. You started the process of wellness for my family. One year later, I continue to be extremely grateful for the positive role you played. If possible, please share my gratitude with the gentlemen that escorted my son.

~ M.M.

I wanted to thank you and your team for your professional, calm, friendly manner. I think that really helped my daughter accept the news of treatment and your escort. It also made us feel much better about the whole process. We thought you were great!

~ A.C.

Thank you, Bill, for helping my boy through a rough and scary day. You should call yourself ‘The Teen Whisperer.’

~ M.P.

We knew getting Sammy to treatment would not be easy. But there could not have been a better start to the extremely difficult transition that, ultimately, led to a fantastic end. Thank you.

~ L.G.

You were such a comfort during this transition, keeping me informed, listening, dealing with two very different parents… Need I say more?! If there’s ever a parent who is considering your services, please give him or her my number. I will recommend you without reservation.

~ P.L.