Youth Transport Services

We provide young people with a physically and emotionally safe transition from home to treatment, reducing anxiety and starting treatment with a positive experience.

Adolescent Transport Services

Our youth transport services are designed to take the fear out of this transition for children and parents alike. A positive transportation experience can help decrease resistance, improve therapeutic engagement, and accelerate treatment.

Our team can finalize a transportation plan very quickly in emergency situations. In non‐emergent cases, we provide customized options to the family based on preferred timing and travel costs. We also offer adult transportation services.

Physical Safety

Safety is our first priority and the primary reason to use a youth transportation company. Our team is trained in nonviolent crisis intervention by one of the top conflict resolution firms in the world— Crisis Prevention Institute. Our proprietary First S.T.E.P.™ training teaches our therapeutic transportation professionals how to prevent and safely control resistant behaviors, manage the physical environment, build therapeutic rapport, interact cooperatively with airport security and law enforcement, and provide safe passage from home to the program.

Rounding out our team’s training is CPR, First Aid, and specific safety protocols regarding prescription medication management, driving, accommodating special needs, and communication with all involved professionals and family members. A sterling safety record is the best evidence of our superior training, hiring, and safety standards.

What you do is a very important piece of a much larger puzzle. You started the process of wellness for my family. One year later, I continue to be extremely grateful for the positive role you played. If possible, please share my gratitude with the gentlemen that escorted my son.

~ M.M.

Adolescent Transport Services - emotional safety and positive therapeutic transition

Emotional Safety

For most of our young clients and their parents, the reality of treatment does not hit until the day of enrollment. Anxiety, resistance, and ambivalence peak at this time, so our top priority is to deescalate the child and create an immediate sense of emotional safety for everyone.

Once the transport is underway, our team members use their time with the young person to create a sense of trust with the goal of lowering anxiety and increasing engagement.

Positive Therapeutic Transition

Transportation is a critical early step in the treatment process. Our job is not to provide therapy or treatment, per se, but to prepare the young person for a positive entry into treatment by reducing anxiety and resistance. This requires honesty, clarity, compassion, and the gift of “teen whispering” that Bill and his team are famous for.

It’s really quite simple. Adolescents are very sensitive and very intuitive. They know when you care and they know when you don’t. They know when you’re being truthful and they know when you aren’t.

We hire and train professionals who have consistently demonstrated caring, honesty, and skill in their previous work with young people.

The result is a transportation experience that literally functions as a first, positive experience in the treatment process, setting the young person up for therapeutic success.