John Meier | Director of Operations

John Meier - Director of Operations

A former police officer, John joined BL&A as a therapeutic transportation specialist before being promoted to the role of client services manager. “It has been a great satisfaction to work with young people proactively, before they get involved with law enforcement,” says John. “It’s nice be a part of helping them turn their lives around.”

John does everything from covering the office on weekends and vacations to setting up trips and coordinating staff. John’s work in law enforcement taught him the critical skills of de‐escalation, safety management, risk assessment, and rapid rapport building—even with resistant clients.

John’s greatest satisfaction in this work comes from helping parents navigate this first difficult step of treatment and delivering the news that their child is safely in treatment. “I love Bill Lane’s philosophy that ‘there are no bad kids’—even if they’re not making the best choices. We see the good in every client.”

John’s hobbies include golf, tennis racquetball and spending time with his large family.

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