Carol Lane | Chief Financial Officer

Carol Lane – Chief Financial Officer

Carol’s involvement with young people began with the Assistance League of Redlands, a charitable organization that works with underprivileged youth where she managed public relations and treasurer duties. After having two children of her own, she became active in the Redlands school system and community activities. Because of her love of music, she joined a support group for the Redlands Bowl, an outdoor free concert venue, where she again handled PR and treasurer duties.

Carol joined CEDU School in 1992 as support for Bill in the transport division. “This was a service that was fairly new to the industry, and many parents didn’t realize that we even existed. I was glad we were able to help them.” When BL&A became independent, Carol stayed on as treasurer.

Carol’s energy for this work is fueled by the many letters and emails BL&A receives from grateful parents. “Often they are shocked that the transport was such a success. Bill has even been invited to attend a student’s graduation a full year or more following the transport.” When she hears BL&A staff talking with parents, she says, “They are so calming and reassuring that I know I would want someone like them in my life if I were in the same situation.”

Soon after moving to California from her home state of Tennessee, Carol and Bill met on the beach of Santa Monica, and their love for beach life is still in existence today with their home in Mission Beach in San Diego. When Carol is not handling BL&A duties, her favorite activity is spending time with her grandchildren “cooking, doing crafts, playing games, and encouraging their love of music.”

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