FAQs for Programs

FAQs for Schools

The safety and welfare of all children is our first priority.

Learn more about our safe transport process with these most frequently asked questions.


Are there any pending claims or lawsuits involving your company and/or its subsidiaries?

We have had no claims or lawsuits since the company’s inception in 2005.

How does your company differ and set itself apart from your competitors?

In addition to having highly qualified agents as explained below, our primary directive is to provide a safe and caring environment for our clients and to take the fear and anxiety out of the process as best we can. It’s about being honest and empathetic with the students and adults that we meet with an expressed understanding that we know it is a tough emotional day not only for whomever we are escorting, but for the family as well. Our communications with all involved is well known throughout the industry.

What are your firm’s staffing and qualifications?

Our transportation professionals are recruited primarily from the mental health and/or law enforcements professions and are selected for their experience, therapeutic skill, and professional judgment. We conduct exhaustive background checks on all employees using regional, national, and governmental data basis including the California TrustLine Registry and Employee Investigative Services. Once selected, our agents receive the following comprehensive training:

    • Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Training for non-violent crisis intervention
    • Safe therapeutic escort protocols, including on-the-job training from senior agents
    • CPR Certification
    • First Aid Certification
    • California agents are tested for tuberculosis
What is your firm’s ability to respond to rapid changes and carry out timely implementation?

Everything happens very quickly in this business. For instance, if a student acts out and we are unable to board a flight, we would adjust and drive the student from point A to point B. Because we are available 24/7, we are able to handle most any emergency.

What level of experience do you have in student transportation, including air?

We have an excellent working relationship with a travel agency who handles our airline needs 24/7, frequently having to make changes. We also have a contract with National Rental Car services to handle all our rental car needs.