FAQs for Families

FAQs for Families

The decision to place your troubled child in a school or wilderness program is an agonizing one. Equally agonizing can be the decision to have your child escorted.

Learn more about our safe transport process with these most frequently asked questions.


How did you become interested in providing therapeutic transports?

Bill Lane has been in recovery since 1962. He started his recovery in Synanon in California and then remained working for them for 12 years. Following Synanon, he worked with CEDU Schools (adolescent therapeutic boarding schools) for over 30 years during which time he served as president of the CEDU High School and CEDU Middle School. While at CEDU, he developed the adolescent transport business because he found that students arriving at the school were in an escalated state, resisting and/or running away. This was unsafe and the treatment process was compromised. He knew something had to change. After CEDU was sold, he incorporated the transport business under the name Bill Lane & Associates.

How do you ensure that the transport is safe?

We always use two agents and match the gender with the client. The travel logistics are handled entirely by us prior to the trip so that the agents are never more than an inch away from the client.

What are the common misconceptions about therapeutic transports?

The most common misconception is that we are goons, thugs, etc., who mishandle the client. This is far from the truth. Our agents are trained and are nothing but good, clean-cut, quality professional men and women from various backgrounds.

What are the reasons that a parent/loved one may want to use a therapeutic transport rather than just bringing their loved one to treatment?

One of the main reasons is that a client reacts differently with a couple of strangers than with parents. We recognize that this is a very emotional time for the family, and this gives us an opportunity to pump the client up about the program and emphasize that this is an opportunity and is not punitive. Using a transport company makes for a smoother transition and takes a lot of the pain out of it for the family.

What is the process from the first call to the end of transport that the family and adolescent can anticipate?

a) Parents call our office (866-492-3400) and speak with one of our representatives who will walk them through the entire process from beginning to end.
b) When meeting the client with the parents, the parents explain to their son/daughter exactly what is happening.
c) Once out of the house and to the car, agents will have a chance to really defuse any anger and anxiety. Usually, once we get to the airport, things are a lot calmer. After clearing security and having breakfast with the client, contact is made with the parents, the program and the referral source to give them an update on how things are going.
d) Agents will continue to update the parents, program and referral source when changing planes, after landing in the destination city, and again when they are on their way to the program with an expected arrival time.
e) Once arriving at the program and turning the client over to the staff, agents again call everybody with a final update.

What is the role of a therapeutic transport in the treatment process?

Our primary directive is to provide a safe and caring environment for our clients from home, hospitals, etc., to a therapeutic setting, such as wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, drug rehab programs, etc., and to take the fear and anxiety out of the process as best we can. The client is always treated with dignity and respect.

What kind of training does your company provide for the folks that are providing the transports?

Our training consists of Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI), First Aid/CPR and a lot of on-the-job training with a senior agent. This training involves all deescalating tools and “schmoozing” the clients. All our agents also undergo through background checks, with California agents being required to register with the California TrustLine Registry.

What type of support and educational are you able to provide the family members so they feel comfortable with the process?

Our constant communication with the parents, the program, consultant and referral source is by far the best in the industry. Everybody knows everything that happens as it is happening.

Bill Lane & Associates is a founding member of AMATS (Association of Mediation and Transport Services), an association whose purpose is to establish practices and professional standards as guidelines for the transport industry. In addition to making sure each company carries the proper liability and insurance and that they are conducting accurate background checks on prospective agents. A family can feel secure in hiring an agent that belongs to this organization.

What would you recommend parents look for when evaluating a therapeutic transportation service?

Parents should look for length of service in the industry, integrity, quality, wisdom, parent recommendations, plus training. Further, they should always inquire about liability insurance.