Advantages of Using Bill Lane & Associates

The decision to place your troubled child in a school or wilderness program is an agonizing one.

Advantages in Bill Lane & Associates

Equally agonizing can be the decision to have your child escorted. Let us help your family, with advantages only Bill Lane & Associates can provide.

The Bill Lane Difference

The most experienced therapeutic transportation company in the United States.

Bill Lane himself has more than forty years of experience working with adolescents and young adults as a counselor, treatment program executive, and transporter.

He founded Bill Lane & Associates after seeing an industry‐wide need for safe and therapeutic transportation to treatment. Bill and his team have helped thousands of young people arrive safely at treatment facilities, making BL&A one the most experienced therapeutic transportation company in the country.

Learn the Bill Lane story.

Thank you, Bill, for helping my boy through a rough and scary day. You should call yourself ‘The Teen Whisperer.’

~ M.P.

Why You Should Use Bill Lane & Associates for Transport Services

Using An Agency

  • Agents are trained to handle all situations in a safe and caring manner.
  • The experience will be less emotional for both parents and adolescents.
  • Students react differently with transport agents than with parents.
  • A transport agency can take the fear and mystery out of the process.
  • Transport agents will be able to answer your child’s questions regarding the school or program.
  • A good transport agent can better prepare your child for a smoother transition

Using Our Company

  • We are available 24/7.
  • We provide nationwide service to all schools, wilderness programs and hospitals.
  • BL&A carries liability insurance specifically written for the transport of adolescents.
  • We will handle all details from start to finish keeping in mind cost effectiveness.
  • We will stay in touch with parents, consultants and programs during the trip with a follow-up call to each.
  • BL&A enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the industry.

Using Our Agents

  • They are trained professionals with years of experience in handling at-risk adolescents.
  • They are certified in CPR/First Aid and in crisis prevention intervention (CPI).
  • They have had thorough background checks and are registered with California TrustLine Registry.
  • They are familiar with programs and philosophies of many of the schools and wilderness programs.
  • They are especially selected because of their uncanny ability to connect with troubled teens.
  • They will treat all adolescents with respect and dignity.