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During Bill’s tenure as the president of an adolescent treatment program, he noticed that far too many young people were arriving at treatment in an escalated state, or not arriving at all. Under the care of well-meaning parents or undertrained professionals, teens were resisting, running away, and even manipulating through violence or self-harm. “That was unsafe, not to mention unpleasant. Even when the child did finally make it to treatment, thejourney was traumatic and the treatment process was compromised. I knew something had to change.”

Providing confort to adolescents and teens

So Bill used his many years of training and experience as a treatment professional to provide safe transportation to clients at the treatment facility where he worked. Eventually other referring professionals began to request his services. After perfecting his First S.T.E.P.™ (Safe Therapeutic Escort Protocols) training program, Bill and his team began transporting adolescents and young adults exclusively, helping thousands of young people make their way safely to treatment programs across the country and around the world.

“We knew getting Sammy to treatment would not be easy. But there could not have been a better start to the extremely difficult transition that, ultimately, led to a fantastic end. Thank you.”

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The Association of Mediation and Transport Services

The Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS) is a quality assurance organization for transportation service providers. Bill Lane & Associates is a founding member of AMATS.

The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and 

The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Services (NATSAP) is a professional association dedicated to therapeutic best practices and continuous improvement. Bill Lane & Associates is a member of NATSAP in good standing.