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First Step In The Treatment Process

We view the transition from home to a wilderness therapy program, addiction treatment program, or other residential treatment program as the critical first step in the treatment process. We know that the uncertainties of treatment often cause ambivalence and fear in parents, and can ignite a fight or flight impulse in a young person. So we provide parents with a clear plan for a calm, successful, and safe transition. We offer the young person being transported a sense of respect, compassion, and safety. Our goal is to alleviate parental anxieties, move the child safely and efficiently and, in the process, help everyone make a smooth transition to the potentially lifesaving opportunity that treatment provides.

Hiring And Training

Providing smooth transitions with top 

While our therapeutic transportation approach greatly reduces resistant behavior, some young people do offer resistance. Our team members are trained to gently, safely, and effectively deescalate and manage that behavior for maximum safety and minimum drama. They are recruited primarily from the adolescent mental health industry and law enforcement and receive additional Crisis Prevention Institute training, First Aid and CPR certifications, and our proprietary First S.T.E.P.™ training.

Our transportation professionals always work in pairs (a female team member is present whenever we transport a female client) that are carefully selected from our roster for a given transportation scenario. We work closely with parents beforehand to prepare them for a smooth transition, answer any questions or special requests, and demystify the process. Our goal is for the whole family to feel safe, reassured, and hopeful throughout the critical transition from home to treatment.

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The Association of Mediation and Transport Services

The Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS) is a quality assurance organization for transportation service providers. Bill Lane & Associates is a founding member of AMATS.

The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and 

The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Services (NATSAP) is a professional association dedicated to therapeutic best practices and continuous improvement. Bill Lane & Associates is a member of NATSAP in good standing.